About Us


About Us

The Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program (CRNRP) is an independent non-profit organization serving the residents and stakeholders of the Cedar Riverside community of south Minneapolis. It is recognized by the City of Minneapolis as official representative organization for the neighborhood.

The Mission of the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program is to support residents and stakeholders of the Cedar-Riverside (West Bank) neighborhood by providing culturally appropriate tools and resources in order to promote civic engagement, leadership development, and equitable access to economic and educational opportunities for all its constituents. 

Who are we?

Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program (CRNRP) is a neighborhood based nonprofit organization that was founded to administer City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funds for the West Bank community. Although the city no longer provides new NRP dollars for neighborhoods, CRNRP continues to manage remaining NRP funds while it solicits charitable contributions to support its continuing service to the community.

CRNRP has built partnerships with local residents, businesses, neighborhood groups, and institutions to develop programs that leverage city funds, charitable giving, and community assets to benefit these constituents. Since 2008, when it incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, CRNRP has directed more than $1.5 million toward initiatives that address neighborhood-defined priorities, including safety, housing, education, youth, elders, community development and neighborhood beautification.

In fall of 2015, the CRNRP board completed a three-year strategic plan to sustain and grow CRNRP’s capacity to benefit the community. Informed by research, board deliberations, and a community engagement process, this plan supports CRNRP’s growth through expanded staffing, increased fundraising and program development.

The strategic planning process helped CRNRP identify three key areas upon which to focus its efforts: early childhood education, immigrant women’s wealth building, and safety and social connection. While these are top priorities, CRNRP will also support the neighborhood with initiatives that address other opportunities and challenges.

Our Phase II Action Plan can be found here.

Our Organizational Bylaws can be found here

Through the strategic planning process, core values from the Board of Directors emerged and will help to drive the work of CRNRP over the next 3 years.

Our Core Values

  1. CRNRP will work in partnership with residents, business owners, institutional partners and other nonprofit organizations to fulfill the strategies outlined in the CRNRP Phase II Plan.
  2. Activities where NRP Phase II funds can be leveraged and address a gap in resources should be a priority for implementation.
  3. CRNRP will continue to engage all residents and stakeholders, but will focus programmatic efforts to ensure equitable economic and educational outcomes for immigrant families in the neighborhood.
  4. CRNRP will continue to work across sectors and cultures to address safety and quality of life issues in the community and build social connections.
  5. CRNRP works to create systems change, promote equity in the distribution of resources and related policies and to ensure positive economic outcomes for the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood.

Cedar Riverside NRP Phase II Final Plan